Gambit - Got scammed, somehow, by company dealing in Virtual Currency for Facebook Games


A company that goes by both Gambit and Kickflip Inc.somehow, back in September, had purchases listed in PayPal that looked like they were from me.

Even PayPal says they look like they came from my Laptop. I have no knowledge of ever doing business with the company under either names. I only found out about this when I was checking my PayPal account for refunds from a different company and something told me to look deeper into the history area. That's when I found these three charges that I don't recall making, that came from my checking account.

2 for $4.99 and one for $9.99, a total of $19.97. I'm not the only one that has complained about this company. There are numerous complaints on the BBB about this company. All I want is my money back, and I'll be happy.

Please, help me, anyone that can. I'm at the end of my rope, so to speak. I need this money back. I have no steady job or other means of income except what I get through SSI.

I need help with getting my money back from this company, which I suspect is being run by crooks and those that are a bunch of greedy corporate pencil pushers.

Review about: Refund.

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